Images of the future are essential to the health of all cultures, for a society’s vitality is lost once its capacity to imagine is gone. The work of artists, then, represents culture’s way of imagining beyond its linear and predictable patterns.
~~ Milenko Matanovic


Brief list of publications

Notes From Road, Mutant Species Press 1993

A Woman’s Place Stories, Poems and Tall-Tales of Women on the Road, A Writing Center Publication, 1996. “Interstate 80 Mile Marker 148”

From These Walls The Writing Center Anthology II, The Writing Center, 1996. “For The Grandmothers.”

Hot Nights, Wild Women: The Collected Writings, 1997. A Writing Center Publication, ed. by Judy Reeves, “Secretly” and “Landscape.”

Works in Progress

Falling From the Moon — a novel