On October 15, the San Diego region gathered for an Alumni Mixer at Koi Zen Cellars. Many of use were meeting each other for the first time. That’s the thing with an alumni association, you don’t all attend at the same time or in the same program, but a connection exists between those who went before, myself, and those who come after.  We all attended a graduate program at Pacifica Graduate Institute in Carpinteria, California. Some of us studied mythology with an emphasis on depth psychology will others did a Masters in counseling psychology that is grounded in depth psychology. There are other programs as well. Pacifica’s mission is “animae mundi colendae gratia,” (tending the soul of and in the world).

At our mixer, I meet a wonderful alumna who is part of Sky Mountain Institute in Escondido. I just love the institute’s philosophy:

Sky Mountain Institute views the needs of the planet, society, and the person as a continuum. What is inside us is also in the universe. When we delve into our own nature and humanness, we touch the shared rhythm, cycles, images, and wisdom that guide a responsive, vital relationship with life and with each other. As we find our own voice, we also find the voice of the earth.

They offer an expressive arts certificate program that looks amazing.

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